İngilizce 19 Mayıs Ödevi-19 MAY’s MEANING


Date Turkey, there are days that should be celebrated. One May 19 1919’dur. New state in Anatolia, Turkey May 19, 1919 is the day of the actual foundations and the Republic of Turkey is the beginning of our history. This event the Supreme Leader Atatürk’s Great Speech initiate, to mark the birth day of the May 19 to ask those who say it should be proof. Be declared as national holidays of May 19 to further reinforce the judiciary. Atatürk, National Struggle period required, both the Republican era, visited many cities in our country. These visits, he was celebrated as a day in honor of the local state law only with the May 19 national holiday was adopted.
After the signing of the Armistice Armistice Mustafa Kemal Pasha, 13 November 1918, arrived in Istanbul. About six months remained in Istanbul. During this period, found in several initiatives for the salvation of the motherland. Met several times with the Sultan and his thoughts on this issue was passed. The effort was to establish a strong government. To inform a wide audience through the press, tried to enlighten the people. Basic principles of the road to salvation in this period also revealed. Close friends told them to. Thus, since the small number of national struggle, but was able to create an effective group. National struggle would be starting from Anatolia. First you will be one task to Anatolia, forced terkedilmeyecek task, the task will not be returned to Istanbul never needed to leave, studies would be continued in an informal style. Starting from Samsun in the process, his attitude and behavior to be followed if all stick to this principle that will be seen. In the beginning, with her thrown into the national struggle to find friends and old, are not mandatory in cases from Istanbul given orders to immediately meet those who left the mission, stay with it not those who returned to Istanbul, it is against the rules because they behave in Speech heavier is criticized. On others, and then makes a separate supreme leader, determination, willpower, determination, love and trust to the nation, the absolute belief victory. After the inspector assigned to the Ninth Army Kıtaat, Ministry of Harbiye, while excitedly, “opened the cage, in front of a world wide, wings to fly by flapping” (1) being prepared. Very uneasy, troublesome after a journey, embracing the nation was in Samsun.
Samsun, civil divisions in the Ministry of Internal Medicine linked directly to the center of the town was Canik Sandzak. This charming village in the Black Sea coast, the First World War was one of the places bearing the burden. General during the war, especially the emigration of the Russian invasion of Turkish territory that suffered a number of people have come here, the town’s colors, the weather suddenly changed, the host of the new arrivals had created problems. These aside, Samsun also was a place where intense Pontusçu activities. Circulating in the Black Sea which is equipped Entente From the Greek warships in the presence of courage and Samsun Rum area of metropolitan Germanos organized by Pontus gangs are circulating in the streets, peace is violated, the village has conducted raids, houses, buildings on fire and non-protected kill Turkey. 200 people in Samsun issued March 9, 1919, British troops, the sheer indulgence of Pontus has gangs. The security forces to corruption concerns Mütakerenin or unavailable, or were insufficient to prevent the fluctuation of the peace. In this case, mere privilege of self-defense for the Turks to act, when up to this time of Pontus gangs watched the terrorist activities of the British, They made their voices rise and 21 April 1919 the Ottoman government by giving a note in the Central Black Sea Turks massacred Christians were reported, it passed in front of the region unless threatened to be occupied. In fact the contrary event. British distort the facts, and confusion Pontusçuları protection of occupied territory continue to have the purpose they were looking for an excuse. Ontario Government to immediately send someone to the region authorized to plaster arms. Mustafa Kemal Pasha, after an in-depth research has been agreed. He is second in the turbulent period of constitutional politics uninfected entered triumphantly in the whole war was a successful commander. At this point the whole of Anatolia, Mustafa Kemal Pasha and Samsun and the Turkish nation, so the fate of the line was crossed. O great people, with perseverance, faith, right knowledge without leaving the road to saving the future of the Turkish nation was a hero.
Mustafa Kemal Pasha events that cause peace with determination and detection by the elimination of these duties and tasks required by other powers were also given. Ataturk, when assessing authority concerned, and the Ontario government has found them too deliberately, given to him by understanding them is not specified. The same day and later in Anatolia under the leadership of some princes were sent to delegations. They were also equipped with significant powers. Trustees of counsel, the Investigation Committee, the Audit Committee under the name of homeland in Anatolia around these boards or in the way of salvation will achieve great results expected. Press, this is translating into expectations, gives extensive information on delegation, where they go to every activity in up against public opinion in almost every subject is illuminated, as events were concerned in the first degree. However, Mustafa Kemal Pasha sent to Anatolia to Istanbul, and only very little in the news media were located in nature. Who is this from and how much expected results should be regarded as an indicator.? U become essential in the duties and tasks required by the authority, not authority over, and liyakatla to use a full-time, is to achieve an absolute victory. Mustafa Kemal Pasha is one of the secrets of success.
May 19, only be the beginning of the Turkish national liberation movement has not, the new Turkish state in the modern family of nations with values also helped to take place. Mustafa Kemal Pasha, from the moment go to Samsun preoccupy our lives to reflect the problem to enable the State to the will of the nation. In front of the place could be called even that this was the national liberation struggle can not waive the requirement was considered. Made in the days following the May 19 as a matter of correspondence terminology, this is clearly visible. Ontario is concerned that “the occupation army and the nation will not recognize this” he meant it. In his telegram from Samsun take Kazim Pasha Karabekir “to the nation and the country the most recent task-i conscientious to psychic,” he also was the purpose of. Liberation struggle could be won only with the nation. National won the fight, to the nation crowned with lâzımdı. Launched one of them, where he led the first two Will-i national newspapers and other one was carrying its name to National Sovereignty-i. These values and concepts that the Turkish nation in the heart of her “savior of the nation,” states the founder of “rank has risen to.

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